2006 Saturn Vue Repair

Before and after photos of a 2006 Saturn Vue collision repair

This 2006 Saturn Vue repair was a cinch for the experts here at Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders to fix.  

With only exterior damage, and the ease at which most Saturn vehicles are able to be repaired, our team sprung into action to get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. In addition, we ordered a new right fender, door and rocker panel molding to start the process. While waiting for delivery of the new pieces, we disassembled the vehicle to inspect for any further damage.  

We scheduled the full Saturn Vue repair for the next morning. After many hours and installing the new right door and rocker panel molding, the fender followed and we were almost done with this collision repair

We finished the job by painting the new pieces to match the Saturn Vue’s specifications. This included a blending the paint for the door. Blending is a process that ensures the new painted piece matches the rest of your vehicle.

The job was almost complete. After all, a thorough ten point inspection, cleaning and wash, and this Saturn was ready to hit the road again! 

This Saturn Vue repair is one of many exceptional jobs by our team. See more before and afters in our News section.