2007 Chevy Cobalt LT Repair

Before and after photos of a 2007 Chevy Cobalt collision repair

This Chevy Cobalt LT repair initially looked like a minor repair- but under the hood told a different story!  

After a thorough inspection, we found several internal pieces in need of replacement. The radiator and a/c condenser, for starters. The radiator support also required repair. In addition, the front unibody, a “U” shaped piece underneath the vehicle, needed replacing.  The unibody is an important piece to maintaining the optimal performance of your vehicle.  

Lackluster repair of this piece can result in excessive tire wear, poor gas mileage, and unsafe operation of your vehicle.  Our team takes great pride in making sure your Chevy Cobalt LT repair is performed with the great care and concern in your safety in mind; this includes a thorough inspection of the unibody.

After interior repairs were made, we began assembly of the exterior.  We installed a new grille and headlamp assembly for each side. After replacing the hood and hood latch, we installed the new front bumper absorber and cover. With almost any Chevy Cobalt LT repair in a rare color, painting to match the manufacturers specifications takes great care. Certified refinishing is a must. 

After a final ten point inspection, this Chevy Cobalt repair was complete. Lastly, it was off for a wash before hitting the road again.