2011 Nissan Altima Repair

Before and after photos of a Nissan Altima collision repair performed by DG Auto Rebuilders

This Altima repair and refinishing project started with a complete deconstruction of the front end to assess the internal damage.

Our trained technicians removed the entire front end assembly and conducted a thorough inspection. Factory authorized replacement parts arrived and we started by installing the a/c condenser, radiator and radiator support.

The front bumper assembly was next on the menu while a new grille and headlamps for both sides were prepared for installation. Next, we mounted the new hood and secured into place. Both left and right fenders were attached and this Altima repair was almost complete!  

The final step, our master technicians ensure your ride is smooth and gas efficient with a properly done alignment.

After a thorough ten-point inspection and wash we gave this Altima repair a wave goodbye. The Altima is still a popular vehicle so we see them often here at Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders. Check out the new Nissan Altima‘s here!

Did you know it is recommended to check your vehicle’s alignment once a year?  

This is especially true for vehicles used on rough terrain or a high annual mileage. In addition, brakes and blinkers should be checked periodically. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will help extend the life and improve performance.