2011 Nissan Frontier Repair

Before and after photos of a 2011 Nissan Frontier collision repair

This 2011 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SV may not look like it was involved in a major collision, but the frame and alignment would say otherwise! What can often be mistaken as only cosmetic damage to the untrained eye, our technicians recognized immediately. Spotting the severity of structural failure in the front end ensured a thorough claim and repair for the vehicle owner.

This Nissan Frontier repair required a full frame pull and square with front end alignment with rigorous testing to guarantee exact specifications were met. A bent frame can severely affect the efficiency and safety of your vehicle.  It will affect your tires and gas mileage, therefore it is important to have a trained technician making the repair.

A new radiator and radiator support were needed. In addition, an a/c condenser and air cleaner were mounted before we started repairing the front end. This included replacement of the front bumper bar with both lower and upper covers and all front bumper brackets.

Next, we installed a new left fender, left fender liner, and left fender apron.

Then we painted the vehicle to match manufacturers specifications. Next was installing the headlight assembly and hood lock. Lastly, the finishing touch of placing and securing the official Nissan brand grille.

Lastly, a ten point inspection was then performed by our master technician to ensure a quality repair was completed all around, and after a thorough cleaning and wash this Nissan Frontier repair was ready to get back on the road!