2013 Ford Mustang Repair

Before and after photos of a 2013 Ford Mustang collision repair

This 2013 Ford Mustang repair was a truly beautiful rebuild by our technicians. Almost every Mustang owner takes great pride in the appearance of their vehicle; that means our team needs to be highly detail-orientated in the rebuilding process.  

This rear-end collision repair required a new rear bumper assembly and rear body panel. Both were painted and installed along with new left and right tail lamps.  After that, we repaired minor damage to the trunk floor. We want everything to look perfect inside and out!

In addition, a new trunk lid was installed which left only a few minor repairs before a final inspection. The left and right quarter panels were touched up and this Ford Mustang repair was almost complete! After that, a ten-point inspection and final wash before heading out the door made this Mustang owner feel like he was stepping into his car fresh off the showroom floor.

Did you know the Ford Mustang convertible sold for $2,557 in 1965?  

The standard coupe started at $2,320 with an additional $283 charge for air conditioning! Furthermore, with eighteen exterior colors to choose from and smooth styling, it is easy to understand why the Ford Mustang has become an iconic piece of American automobile history.