2019 Lincoln Navigator Repair

This 2019 Lincoln Navigator repair rolled in after being rear ended. First, we inspected and disassembled the back end to assess any underlying damage. When it was determined the frame and interior components were not damaged, we began to inventory what parts on the exterior needed to be replaced.

It was apparent the trailer hitch would need to be replaced. We also found the rear bumper assembly and lift gate suffered significant damage. In newer vehicles, it is common for these parts to have sensors and electronics that are required for the navigation system to work optimally.

We submitted our repair recommendations to the insurance company. Once repairs were approved, we ordered new parts and began taking the back end apart. This process was completed in an afternoon, and replacement parts arrived just a few days later.  

We attached the new trailer hitch first. This is bolted on to the vehicle and provides a coupling point to hook up a tailer. Next, the new lift gate was installed and set just right. This involved making sure the struts and supports were in place to align with the latch for smooth opening and closing.

Lastly, the new rear bumper assembly was mounted and tested for stability. Once the vehicle was put back together, our quality control team performed a full inspection and safety check. This 2019 Lincoln Navigator repair was ready to get back on the road.

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