2022 Toyota Tundra Repair

This Toyota Tundra collision repair was quick and easy.

After a comprehensive assessment of the damage to identify necessary repairs, our team got to work. We removed the damaged parts, including the grille, fog lamps, and front bumper assembly. In addition, we removed the front crash sensors that would need to be replaced.

When our assessment was complete, we submitted a repair estimate to the insurance company. Once approved, we ordered parts and began prepping the vehicle for repair.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we checked to make sure there were no underlying issues to the frame. With the structural integrity confirmed, we proceeded to replace the damaged parts. First, we installed new crash sensors and tested them for faults.

Next, we installed new fog lamps. These high-quality LED lamps include a bracket-mount with a 1,400 lumen output. They are relatively easy to install, but do require a few hours of labor.

Lastly, we installed a new grille that is held in place by a combination of screws, clips and hidden fasteners. These are often integrated with the bumper so extreme care needed to taken to facilitate removal. We adjusted and secured the front crash sensors again to ensure a proper fit.

Our quality control team performed a full inspection and safety check to ensure components were perfectly aligned and color-matched.

The transformation was remarkable. This Toyota Tundra collision repair emerged from our shop look as good as new. Our customer was thrilled with the results and could appreciate the attention to detail that went into every aspect of the repair.

If you need a Toyota Tundra collision repair, look no further. We are Downers Grove’s #1 collision repair shop, we provide free estimates and a hassle-free process. Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

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