Top 5 Ways to Avoid an Accident

Top 5 Ways to Avoid an Accident

With sub-zero temperatures and slick conditions on the road this week, Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders wanted to share some tips that will help keep you from visiting the collision repair shop. These are ways to be proactive and avoid an accident before it happens!

Be sure to share this with younger drivers who may need a refresher course on Safe Driving 101 this season.

1.)  Drive defensively.

Staying alert and anticipating possible dangers in your path is the best way to avoid a collision. Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles to provide enough reaction time to other drivers who may not be as cautious.

2.)  Signal and brake appropriately.

Give drivers around you enough time to recognize and react to your turn signal or brake lights. Communicating effectively with other drivers is an essential part of avoiding a trip to the auto body repair shop.

3.)  Check blind spots before switching lanes.

Turn signals are only visible to those behind your vehicle; be sure to check your mirrors and blinds spots for any on the side. Smaller vehicles and motorcycles can be especially difficult to see. Check twice, it might save a life!

4.)  Never text and drive.

Each year in Illinois an estimated 24% of all accidents are due to a distracted driver texting or talking on a phone. Laws in Illinois ban talking on any mobile device that is not hands-free, but that will not stop everyone.

5.)  Prepare for weather conditions.  

Drivers in Illinois get the full experience of seasonal driving; from heavy snowfall to rain and fog. Be sure to check your tires, wipers, headlights, and fluids to prepare for anything Mother Nature has to throw at your windshield!

Matt Kastner is the owner at Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders located at 721 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, Illinois. In the unfortunate event you need their collision repair services, call 630-969-7256 or contact us