Filing Your Claim

When your vehicle is in an accident, vandalized or stolen, after contacting the authorities, your next step will be contacting your insurance company. Once authorized to bring your vehicle in for an estimate, Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders will do the rest.

Filing your claim does not need to be stressful or time-consuming. We will walk you through the claims process and make it as easy as possible. We will help you obtain accurate reimbursement and the best quality repair. As a result, this gets you back on the road quick!

It’s YOUR car and it’s YOUR choice!

Don’t let insurance companies “bully” you into taking your vehicle to an auto body/collision repair shop that you don’t know or trust. There is no law that requires you to use their “suggested” repair centers. These repair centers are often looking to keep the claim cost low for the insurance company. This is not in the best interests of the vehicle or its owner. We work with nearly every major insurance company for a thorough and comprehensive claim for your vehicle’s full repair. We will send estimates and digital pictures to ANY insurance company that requests them. At Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders, our first priority is YOU!  

If you have a bodily injury claim, be sure to visit a doctor immediately. Then take photos of your injuries and document any lost work time required for with lost wages claims. In addition, if there is property damage involved, you will need to identify what coverage you have. There is collision coverage (vehicle-related repair costs only) or comprehensive (any damages or loss during an accident) to determine the extent of your liability.

For more information regarding filing your claim visit our FAQ page or contact us. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions.