2013 Ford Escape SE Repair

Side by side pictures of Ford Escape collision repair before and after

This 2013 Ford Escape collision repair is a great example of our technician’s fine work. While having any accident is unfortunate, this was a new vehicle for the owner and we strived to repair it to its original operating condition and flawless appearance. While the point of impact occurred at the passenger door, several other key elements of the vehicle took a beating as well.

The Ford Escape SE Repair Process

We started by replacing the right rear suspension and repairing the quarter panel. Next, we hung two new doors for the right side, aligned, and reconnected the wiring. Both the front and back door moldings needed to be replaced.  After a new rocker panel molding and mud guard, it was on to the finishing stages!

After a thorough inspection of all repairs, we then performed a four wheel laser alignment. Our four wheel laser technology greatly increases the accuracy and speed at which an alignment can be done. Does your repair shop use laser technology for their alignments?

Having a poor alignment can lead to excessive tire wear and poor gas mileage, among other safety concerns. Every Ford Escape collision repair ends in the paint shop to match manufacturers exact specifications. Approval from a final ten-point inspection and wash completed our time together and another driver was back on the road!