2012 Toyota Highlander Repair

Many side-impact collisions can require extensive work to restore the vehicle to original operating condition.  Luckily, this 2012 Toyota Highlander repair required only cosmetic exterior pieces to get back on the road.  FIrst we needed to replace the right front door and right front door molding.  This involves hanging the new door and aligning it to swing and shut smoothly.  The same process was then completed for the right rear door.  Next we installed a new right center pillar.  Next we repaired the right fender which is corrosion-resistant coated with Electro Deposit primer for strong and durable protection.

The last piece to repair was the quarter panel and then it was off to the finishing stages!  After repainting to match the manufacturers specifications, this Toyota Highlander repair was nearly complete.  The last step in the Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders collision repair process is a ten-point inspection.  After a final approval has been given we give the vehicle some well deserved pampering.  A refreshing wash, cleaning and detailing awaits, as every Toyota Highlander repair should.

Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders specializes in Toyota Highlander repair and rebuilding.  For more information on our services and capabilities, visit our Collision Services page or call (630) 969-7256.

Before and after side view of Toyota Highlander collision repair from DG Auto